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OneSpine is a new approach to independent spine care in the Southwest combining the expertise of multi-disciplinary professionals to offer patient centred quality spine care. We recognise that accessing rapid care for spinal pain is challenging and have designed our service to provide early access to assessment, investigation and treatment from across the United Kingdom including the Channel Islands. Our experts are experienced in their fields, internationally trained and work together to ensure that you have the input of not just one but several clinicians and therapists. We are passionate about delivering the best spinal care in the South West region, bespoke to you and tailored to your needs and condition. 

Our spinal multi-disciplinary team meeting, unique to the Southwest outside the NHS, is held regularly to coordinate patient care and undertake a “one stop shop” opinion for treatment. We work closely with experienced musculoskeletal radiologists to ensure that imaging is carefully examined to help define the right treatment for you. We undertake clinics regularly in Exeter, Torquay and now Truro, accepting referrals from across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and the Channel Islands.

Important Covid19 message

We continue to see patients in our clinics across Devon and Cornwall with Covid-19 guidance conforming to that of our hospital partners. Face-to-face and virtual or telephone appointments are available while spinal imaging with MRI, CT and XR continues at all facilities with procedures including spinal surgery performed with Covid-19 protocols and precautions in place.

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Spinal Surgery

Spinal surgery is the last resort for the majority of spinal conditions however should you be contemplating an operation on your spine it’s important to be in the best hands. While the majority of private practice spinal surgery in the UK remains sole practitioners we believe that there is strength in numbers. Our experienced spinal surgeons are approachable and caring. They work closely together, discuss cases, offer further clinical opinions and when required operate together to provide the safest and best possible level of care. All our Consultant Spine Surgeons submit their data to the British Spine Registry and have NHS practices dedicated to spinal surgery.

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Pain Management

The majority of patients seek our help due to pain, whether that be in the back, neck or radiating to the arms or legs we know how distressing this can be. While we know that in most cases symptoms will rapidly settle with the right help, pain management can be vital for some patients to help settle severe pain. We work with pain specialists who are experienced Consultants who have a number of options available to help improve your pain ranging from specialist prescribing to targeted pain relief injection.

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Following clinical assessment an provisional diagnosis is often made with spinal imaging being used to focus in and define a potential underlying anatomical cause for your symptoms. Imaging can range from MRI to assess the soft tissues in the spine including the discs, spinal cord and nerves, through CT imaging the bony anatomy in more detail to XR’s often in the standing position to determine the alignment of the spine. Specialist techniques including SPECT-CT and EOS are also available in specific situations and organised through OneSpine Radiology.

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Physical Therapy

If you are searching for therapy to manage your painful back or neck the internet will no doubt provide you with an endless list of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors to approach. At OneSpine we only recognise Physical Therapists that we trust and who are spine focused. Rather than treating patients in isolation they work closely within the Multi-Disciplinary Team alongside our Consultant Surgeons, Pain specialists and Radiologists. In the majority of cases spinal pain can be successfully managed without the need for surgery through a tailored rehabilitation program. Where surgery is being considered they will also be able to offer you pre-operative preparation  beforehand and rehabilitation afterwards optimising your treatment.

Quality Measured Assured

We know that we are only as good as our results and we closely monitor the patients that we treat at OneSpine through outcome measurement with comparison to pre-treatment scores. We submit all our surgical results to the British Spine Registry and regularly audit our outcomes. Measurement of our outcomes goes beyond surgical management and includes those those patients undergoing Physical Therapy and Pain Management enabling us to constantly assess our care and review our techniques.

We understand your whole experience is influenced by more than the clinical care provided. The facilities provided, appointment scheduling, clinic environment and parking are all important to us and your satisfaction is vital to planning our future services. If you can spare a moment to complete feedback forms this will help us feedback to our partner Hospitals providers.

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